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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SITE IS BEING UPDATED FREQUENTLY - This does not reflect a lot of work and accomplishments after mid-2001. Most of that, which can be released, can be found through other sites and pages by starting with MJD Root Home Page and going to the technical-looking links.

The following links comprise a collection of excerpts and papers that are intended to give the browsing reader an introduction to several aspects of our work over the past several years. Included are published and unpublished papers written by M. Dudziak and colleagues, some in the context of The Arcturus Institute and also Silicon Dominion Computing, Inc.

This is admittedly a short and incomplete listing of published and unpublished papers, notes, and abstracts. Please feel free to contact us for more in-depth information. Several unpublished papers relating to SDC and follow-on technology are not yet available for public release pending completion of patent and copyright procedures.


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(P1) Project Narrative: Nonlinear Soliton Configurations May, 2001; Word2000

(P2) Quantum Events in Coherent Biomolecular Systems March, 2001; Word97

(P3) Quantum Biosolitons and Cellular Control Project Description April, 2001; Word97

(P4) Quantum Processes and Dynamic Networks in Physical and Biological Systems November, 1993, (published 12/93); Zip File with AmiPro and .BMP files (1 MB)

(P5) Quantum Networks, Structure, and Relativity October, 2000, draft preface, intro, and contents (unfinished); Word97

(P6) QNET : Quantum Neurodynamics Adaptive Network Computing Environment (brief note) November, 1998; Word97

(P7) Quantum Self-Organization Theory with Applications to Hydrodynamics and the Simultaneity of Local Chaos and Global Particle-Like Behavior June, 1998, preprint (published 8/98); Postscript

(P8) Topological Condensation and Conversion of "Vapour-Phase" Photons into Kinetic Energy August, 1998, preprint (submitted to Phys Rev); Postscript

(P9) How Topological Condensation of Photons Could Make Possible Energy Extraction in Deep Space May, 1998, preprint (published 6/98); Postscript

(P10) Stimulated Topological Condensation of "Vapour Phase" Photons and Implications for Space Power Technology June, 1998, abstract; WORD97
Postscript Pre-print Version

(P11) Seminar presentation on Topological Dynamics and Quantum-Nano-Biology Research and Themes Feb., 1998, William & Mary College; WORD97

Biology and Life Sciences

(B1) Presentation on Nano Medicine May, 2002; PDF

(B2) (Early draft) Proposal for reconfigurable molecular sensor based upon soliton-mediated transformations and signaling Fall, 2001; PDF

(B3) Quantum Dynamic Networks, Chaotic Solitons, and Emergent Structures in Subcellular Processes Mar. 1994 For the WORD version, click here

(B4) Cells, Growth, and Topology (brief note) September, 1998; Word97

(B5) Investigation Proposal for Study of Cytoskeletal and Ion Channel Dynamics Oct. 1994

(B6) Overview of BIOSCAN product architecture August, 2001; Word2000

Mathematics and Logic

(M1) A Projective Geometric Model for Data Encapsulation and Encoding February, 1999; Word97

(M2) Monadic Networks November, 1999; Word97 (partial draft)

(M3) P-Strings and Encryption December, 1999; Word97 (partial draft)

(M4) The Soliton Project Description Apr. 1994

Magneto-Optics and Related Sensing/Imaging

(MO1) MODE Technology Description March, 1998; Word97

(MO2) A Family of Microinstruments for Smart Materials, Energy Management, and Biomedicine in Space Missions Oct, 1998 preprint (to be published 11/98); WORD97

(MO3) Pattern Recognition and Learning in Bistable CAM Networks Nov., 1998 preprint (to be published 7/99); WORD97

(MO4) Design of Magneto-Optic Wide-Area Arrays for Deep Space EMF Studies and Power System Control May, 1998 preprint (published 6/98); WORD97

(MO5) Structural Integrity Inspection and Monitoring By Magnetooptic Sensors October, 1998 preprint (to be published 11/98); WORD97

(MO6) Multi-Unit Airborne Detection and Mapping of Land Mines Incorporating Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Sensors July, 1998 preprint; WORD97
HTML Version

(MO7) An Adaptive Magneto-Optic Thin-Film Based Architecture For Producing Self-Structuring Sensing and Recognition Devices March, 1998, abstract; WORD97

(MO8) High-Sensitivity Magneto-Optic Devices for Weak Magnetic Field Measurements and Localization June, 1998, abstract; WORD97

(MO9) Nondestructive Evaluation for Crack, Corrosion, and Stress Detection for Metal Assemblies and Structures Dec., 1998, preprint (to be published 2/99); Word97

(M10) Excerpt from major white paper on MODE-based sensing product line August, 2001; Word97

Computer, Software, Internet

(C1) ADaM : Active Dynamic Data Mover April, 2002; Word2000

(C1a) ADaM Performance Optimizer (early draft) April, 2002; Word2000

(C1b) Proposal for Proyecto VIVIR Regional Tele-Learning Interactive Community Service Network Jan., 2002; PDF

(C2) Open Net Conversation and E-Collaboration Presentation August, 1999; Powerpoint --> HTML

(C3) The STREAMS Architecture for Open Intelligent Communication and Automated Exchange of Semantic Content among Heterogenous Agents (Open Stream Media) December, 1999; Word97

(C4) OpenNet-Based Applications for On-Site Emergency and Disaster Response: Extending the Anywhere-Anytime Dynamic Internet Model December, 1999; Abstract; Word97

(C5) Coordinated Traffic Incident Management Using the I-Net Embedded Sensor Architecture October, 1998 preprint (to be published 11/98); WORD97

(C5) Developing A Practical Wearable Telemedicine System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine November, 1998, pre-print; WORD97

(C6) Streams - The Definitive Architecture for Communications November, 1998, pre-print; WORD97

(C7) Open Stream Media and OSML Definition Paper November, 1998, pre-print; WORD97

(C8) Typhoon Streaming Server November, 1998, pre-print; WORD97

(C9) PAC, PAC-Net, and PERSONA An Extensible Smart Card with Internet and Kiosk Services July, 1998, abstract; RichTextFormat

Telemedicine and Bioinformatics

(T1) Developing A Practical Wearable Telemedicine System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine November, 1998, pre-print; WORD97

(T2) MediLink -- A SmartCard-Assisted Wearable Data Acquisition and Communication System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine (T. Koval et al) Nov., 1998, Preprint (INABIS-98; published on web at and

(T3) IMEDNET Oct. 1995

(T4) CommonHealthNet July, 1996 (Global Telemedicine Conference, Williamsburg, VA)


(G1) Overview of basic and applied research projects December, 2000; Word97 (heavily illustrated; 2.5MB)

(G2) Timing and Adaptation: The Keys to Global Economic Development and Revitalization Dec. 1996

(G3) Novum Vividum Organum Scientiae (Introduction) Jan. 1997

More Historical, Mainly Short Pieces and Memos

(G4) Eight Easy Pieces : New Products for the Global Information and Security Market Mar. 1997

(G5) New Approaches to Preventing and Solving Problems of Fraud and Theft in the Fine Arts June, 1997

(G5)List of scientific seminars and modules available for presentation by M. Dudziak Oct. 1996

(G6) Recent abstracts of work in progress 1996/1997

(C10) ARCHIMEDIA Design Jan. 1997

(C11) Cybots and Mentats Fall, 1992

(C12) Habitat - Fragments and notes and design specs pertaining to cyberworlds and practical worlds (VRML and beyond) Sept./Oct. 1996

(C13) MORITZ - The Mobile Real-Time International Telemedicine Service Jan. 1997

(C14) ITN --- Interactive Technology Network Mar. 1997

(C15) HAL, 2001, and Health Card Smart Agents (T. Koval et al) Nov., 1998, Abstract

(C16) Personal Adaptive Component Family Jan. 1995

(C17) TELCON Fundamental Technology Architecture Definition April, 1996

(C18) TELCON Software Design April, 1996

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