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An Open Listing of Recent (post-2003) Papers and Presentations
mainly on Public Health, Public Safety and Homeland Security
including CounterTerrorism, CBRNE, Epidemiology, Diagnostics, Sensors, Countermeasures, Emergency Response


Presently we suggest the following documents as resources for technical material pertinent to foundations of TETRADYN's core technology and products:

An Advantage with Inverse-Problem and Soliton Methods for Sensing, Imaging, and Recognition Problems (WORD format)

Pattern Recognition and Learning in Bistable CAM Networks (WORD format)

Prediction of Flow and Direction in Complex Systems by Use of Inverse Relational Maps (WORD format)

Quantum Events in Coherent Biomolecular Systems (WORD format)

Quantum Self-Organization Theory with Applications to Hydrodynamics and the Simultaneity of Local Chaos and Global Particle-Like Behavior (Postscript format)

Seminar presentation on Topological Dynamics and Quantum-Nano-Biology Research and Themes (WORD format)

Quantum Processes and Dynamic Networks in Physical and Biological Systems (Zip format)

Quantum Dynamic Networks, Chaotic Solitons and Emergent Structures in Subcellular Processes (HTML format)

Design of Magneto-Optic Wide-Area Arrays for Deep Space EMF Studies and Power System Control (WORD format)

Nondestructive Evaluation for Crack, Corrosion, and Stress Detection for Metal Assemblies and Structures (WORD format)

Structural Integrity Inspection and Monitoring By Magnetooptic Sensors (WORD format)

Multi-Unit Airborne Detection and Mapping of Land Mines Incorporating Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Sensor (WORD format)

An Adaptive Magneto-Optic Thin-Film Based Architecture For Producing Self-Structuring Sensing and Recognition Devices (WORD format)

Topological Condensation and Conversion of "Vapour-Phase" Photons into Kinetic Energy (Postscript format)

Stimulated Topological Condensation of "Vapour Phase" Photons and Implications for Space Power Technology (abstract; WORD format)

Stimulated Topological Condensation of "Vapour Phase" Photons and Implications for Space Power Technology (Postscript format)

Asymmetric Approaches to Anomaly Analysis (PDF format)

Connecting Dots to Locate and Intercept Terrorist Operations and Operatives (Sept. 2006) (PDF format)

Mutual Information and Deformable Registration (PDF format)

A Topology-based Model for Intracellular Signaling and Control Linking to Epigenetic Phenomena (abstract) (WORD format)

Changing Currents in Environmental Analysis.pdf (PDF format)

SenseNet paper (Jan. 2006) (PDF format)

Shock Trauma Model paper (Jan. 2006) (PDF format)

Extending the RMS Paradigm of Multi-Processing Computing (abstract) (PDF format)

ADaM Performance Optimization (ETL for very large databases) (WORD format)

ADaM Design Description (ETL for very large databases) (WORD format)

Developing a Practical Wearable Telemedicine System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine (WORD format)

MediLink -- A SmartCard-Assisted Wearable Data Acquisition and Communication System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine (WORD format)

Overview of BIOSCAN architecture for cervical and skin cancer early detection/warning and other biomed apps (WORD format)


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